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Permaculture and Food Forests - Resources. Books, Websites, Names, Videos, etc.

I'll add more resources as I find them - so check back from time to time.

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Forest gardening is a low-maintenance sustainable plant-based food production and agroforestry system based on woodland ecosystems, incorporating fruit and nut trees, shrubs, herbs, vines and perennial vegetables which have yields directly useful to humans. Making use of companion planting, these can be intermixed to grow in a succession of layers, to build a woodland habitat.
Forest gardening is a prehistoric method of securing food in tropical areas. In the 1960s, Robert Hart adapted the principles and applied them to temperate climates.

​WEBSITES - Permaculture courses and news worldwide. Lots of amazing resources for beginners to advanced students.

PERMIES - Discusses just about everything. Many user forums with interesting discussions.

MOTHER EARTH NEWS - Many How-to articles


Gaias Garden - permaculture classic

Edible Forest Gardens - Dave Jacke

GOOGLE SEARCHES TO LEARN MORE: Web, images, videos...
Permaculture Garden
Permaculture Food Forest


2000 Year Old Food Forest in Morocco

Ancient European Forest Practices

Białowieża Forest

"The entire area of northeastern Europe was originally covered by ancient woodland..."

Battle for Europe's last ancient forest

Green Capital
"A food forest is similar to a typical woodland ecosystem but instead of the usual greens you would find in a forest, this substitutes in edible trees, shrubs, perennials and annuals; all managed with the permaculture design system and philosophy to create a model of a self-sustaining natural ecosystem with many different species growing in the same plot..."

Greening the Desert - Geoff Lawton - See all 4 parts

Permaculture 04 : Overview and Review (Bill Mollison and Geoff Lawton) - 
Many related videos next to this one on the youtube page

College Students turn Lawn to Permaculture food for college

Water Harvesting with Swales

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Woods Walk, NY Forest Owners Association, May 2013

I Bought some Property… Now What?

Your dream has come true – you have your country acres

UPDATE MAY 19, 2013.

This Walton Woodwalk is COMPLETE.

View PHOTOS of the Woodwalk HERE. 
Photo highlights: Permaculture, invasive species, pine plantation, water harvesting, black forest of spruce, frogpond, permaculture food forest in the making.

FOLLOW UP - Learn How To   Permaculture Resources  

Do you have to DO anything with the land?

Or does the land take care of itself?

Former city dweller moves to country and
 is learning what to do with the land.

Come with us on this informative land walk with a Cornell trained Master Forest Owner Pat Crosby and permaculture design consultant Teri Stratford to learn what the land has to say and how to work with it.




Free Public Education Event through NYFOA .Org 
                                                                     NY Forest Owners Association - 

                                Find other dates and locations in NY  for woods walk at this link.


1      Water runoff and management.

     Trees: How to tell if they're worth anything?  Or are they just overgrown weeds? 
                Too many? Not enough?

3       Good and bad logging. Are you getting a fair price? Or being taken advantage of?

4     Deer: Too much of a good thing? Loss of forest regeneration through overgrazing.

5     Birds, bees, butterflies, frogs and wildlife:  Creating habitat they like and their value.

6      Gardens: Natural, edible plants, food production.

7      Permaculture: What it is and what it does. Developing a plan.

8      Homesteading: Creating a sustainable environment for you, the trees, and the critters.            

9      Fruit and nut orchard; grapes - Getting started. Restoring old apple trees.

10  Tree plantations – for fun or profit?


Pat Crosby is an MFO (Cornell trained Master Forest Owner) volunteer. 

She will explain what to look for in your land and point out resources to help you find out how to accomplish your goals – using this parcel as a demonstration.

You will be able to book a volunteer walk with her on your property after this walk to learn about your woodlands and what to do with them.

Teri Stratford is a permaculture design consultant and has studied advanced permaculture design with master teacher Dave Jacke, author of
Edible Forest Gardens

She is a greatly appreciated permaculture teacher in our area.

Her expertise is to help you learn to read your land and work WITH your land for your purposes. She will discuss water mapping and water harvesting. We will discuss the new trails, swales and water bars implemented on this property to conserve and harvest the water, prevent erosion, balance the ecology, and provide irrigation for the permaculture planting. We will see how the plants have adapted to the water on the land.


Visitors are welcome to take home their own freshly pulled small Norway spruce trees, some small woodland plants, and blackberry and raspberry plants. Bring containers or bags for these and some work gloves and small shovel to collect your own plants.

*  Complimentary handouts courtesy of the MFO (Master Forest Owner) program are available.

 You will be able to join NYFOA at this event (NY Forest Owners Association). NYFOA is for anyone who loves trees and wants to help them. You do not have to own forest land to be a member. You get informative magazines with great articles to learn and share when you are a member and support expanding knowledge of how to care for our trees - our great northeast carbon sink, filters for our drinking water, habitat for life, and our own great peace and joy.

*  All visitors will be required to sign a liability release form.

*  Complimentary natural herb TEA from local plants will be served at the conclusion of the walk from 4-5 PM.  Bring healthy snacks to share if you like. This will be an hour for Q and  A and further conversation.  


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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Golden Hills of Goldenrod now in Blossom. By Pat Crosby

By Pat Crosby
Aah... August!

Years ago - when I used to commute weekly back and forth from the
Catskill Mountains to New York City - I would notice the colors on the
hills rolling past the bus windows were different each week.
Some weeks the hills were pink. Some weeks blue. Some weeks, purple.
Then some white. Sometimes orange.

It was always such a delightful, amazing surprise to revel in the
colorful surprises lining the fields along the highway.
Then come late summer, all would be ablaze in golden golden golden goldenrods.
Latin: (Solidago spp.)

Now that I have moved and live in the Catskill mountains of New York, when I walk out now on my mountain side, the goldenrods are so thick and voluptuous, I have to push and stomp some aside to be able to get a foothold on the walking path. Or to get into and reach the delectable red raspberries and blackberries growing just beyond the reach of the path.

This year, I am starting to learn about and harvest my own herbs...
preparing for the long winter ahead with various complaints like sore
throats, stuffy noses, sore muscles from snow shoveling ...pick your
choice of winter maladies.

I like using nature's choice, right outside my windows, for simple
relief and comfort from the various bumps along the road of life.
With the power of google search, I began researching the healthful
properties of these gorgeously arrayed wild flowers and herbs growing
so abundantly everywhere in the Catskills.

As I have upside down sprays of assorted wild flowers and herbs now
fragrantly drying in my living room windows, I am simultaneously
studying their documented uses and preparation methods.
So many interesting google results - from the folklore wisdom, the
indigenous wisdom, and now more and more scientific documentation of
the healing properties of our natural health plants growing everywhere
you look.

Here is just one site I found about goldenrod... I am studying it
while enjoying my goldenrod tea that I just picked, boiled, and am now

You can, of course, spend endless fascinating hours doing google
searches yourself on the wonders of our natural plants.
Then if you decide to collect and put some of these wondrous plans
aside for the winter, you can have lots of fun experiencing what they
can do.

I think I will have a little sale of the naturally organic,
wild-crafted plants I have been harvesting... with all due thanks to
Mother Nature and the wonderful plant spirits!

By the way, herbal plants are powerful - as much as they are
delightful and fragrant. So be sure to do lots of research and check
with your medical provider if you have any health conditions and/or
are taking any prescription medications.

Pat Crosby

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Please note, this article has not been submitted, reviewed, or
otherwise considered by the FDA. No health claims are made or implied.
This information is for entertainment purposes only. Consult your
health practitioners for any medical concerns or recommendations.

Copyright 2009, Pat Crosby. All Rights Reserved. Feel free to share
and disseminate this article as long as full credit and links are
given, and the article is left intact.

Annual Delaware County Fair, Walton, NY








Thursday, August 6, 2009

Paulina, Founder of the Catskill Wellness Guide, Tells How She Got The VISION to Start This Website.


Paulina, Founder, Catskills Wellness Guide

It’s all here... the first-ever wellness resource guide exclusively dedicated to the Catskill Region of Upstate New York.

Paulina, Founder of the Catskill Wellness Guide, Tells How She Got The VISION to Start This Website.

Ahh yes, I love Delaware county - so glad to know you've pulled I Love Delaware County website
together Pat!

I came up with the idea for
Catskill Wellness Guide in a yoga class of all places. I think it was during one of those strange celestial times we've been having lately (you know, the three eclipses, then something happened before that, and then before that there was the retrograde).

I don't know much about astrology, but when I go to Marilyn's (Sat Nam Yoga) class, she's always got little astrological updates for us, and I think that time was special some how.

Anyway, I made an intention before class (as she usually asks us to do) for clarity, and just a few minutes into it, this idea dawned on me.

I thought it was sort of ironic since the excitement about it was more distracting than the intention I had set for the class, but afterward I realized that in that moment I became clear about something much bigger. I think it was a deeply buried dream of mine, that somehow was finally able to bubble up to the surface of my consciousness in that moment.

Anyway, since I had the idea, I couldn't stop thinking about it.

I was sketching on the train (I live in Woodbourne, NY and go in to NYC once a week for work on the train from Middletown, NY), strategizing while standing in line at the grocery store, and basically gearing up to create this website.

I was amazed at the power that I found within myself to create the site. I lead a very busy life, so in the past, any time I've aimed to help someone with a website it took months to execute.

But in this case, I had something basic up within 3 weeks. And was on Google a week later - an amazing feat according to my tech savvy friends.

That was just around July 25th, 2009 ... and it's been a roller coaster since!

Anyway, so that's the background on how it got started out, but I'm happy to tell you more if you'd like. You can also see the vision statement on this page:

I'll wrap up here for now... thanks Pat!

Be well,

Copyright Pat Crosby, 2009. All rights reserved. Permission granted to reprint without charge or profit as long as article is republished in entirety and all links left intact.

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