Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Woods Walk, NY Forest Owners Association, May 2013

I Bought some Property… Now What?

Your dream has come true – you have your country acres

UPDATE MAY 19, 2013.

This Walton Woodwalk is COMPLETE.

View PHOTOS of the Woodwalk HERE. 
Photo highlights: Permaculture, invasive species, pine plantation, water harvesting, black forest of spruce, frogpond, permaculture food forest in the making.

FOLLOW UP - Learn How To   Permaculture Resources  

Do you have to DO anything with the land?

Or does the land take care of itself?

Former city dweller moves to country and
 is learning what to do with the land.

Come with us on this informative land walk with a Cornell trained Master Forest Owner Pat Crosby and permaculture design consultant Teri Stratford to learn what the land has to say and how to work with it.




Free Public Education Event through NYFOA .Org 
                                                                     NY Forest Owners Association - 

                                Find other dates and locations in NY  for woods walk at this link.


1      Water runoff and management.

     Trees: How to tell if they're worth anything?  Or are they just overgrown weeds? 
                Too many? Not enough?

3       Good and bad logging. Are you getting a fair price? Or being taken advantage of?

4     Deer: Too much of a good thing? Loss of forest regeneration through overgrazing.

5     Birds, bees, butterflies, frogs and wildlife:  Creating habitat they like and their value.

6      Gardens: Natural, edible plants, food production.

7      Permaculture: What it is and what it does. Developing a plan.

8      Homesteading: Creating a sustainable environment for you, the trees, and the critters.            

9      Fruit and nut orchard; grapes - Getting started. Restoring old apple trees.

10  Tree plantations – for fun or profit?


Pat Crosby is an MFO (Cornell trained Master Forest Owner) volunteer. 

She will explain what to look for in your land and point out resources to help you find out how to accomplish your goals – using this parcel as a demonstration.

You will be able to book a volunteer walk with her on your property after this walk to learn about your woodlands and what to do with them.

Teri Stratford is a permaculture design consultant and has studied advanced permaculture design with master teacher Dave Jacke, author of
Edible Forest Gardens

She is a greatly appreciated permaculture teacher in our area.

Her expertise is to help you learn to read your land and work WITH your land for your purposes. She will discuss water mapping and water harvesting. We will discuss the new trails, swales and water bars implemented on this property to conserve and harvest the water, prevent erosion, balance the ecology, and provide irrigation for the permaculture planting. We will see how the plants have adapted to the water on the land.


Visitors are welcome to take home their own freshly pulled small Norway spruce trees, some small woodland plants, and blackberry and raspberry plants. Bring containers or bags for these and some work gloves and small shovel to collect your own plants.

*  Complimentary handouts courtesy of the MFO (Master Forest Owner) program are available.

 You will be able to join NYFOA at this event (NY Forest Owners Association). NYFOA is for anyone who loves trees and wants to help them. You do not have to own forest land to be a member. You get informative magazines with great articles to learn and share when you are a member and support expanding knowledge of how to care for our trees - our great northeast carbon sink, filters for our drinking water, habitat for life, and our own great peace and joy.

*  All visitors will be required to sign a liability release form.

*  Complimentary natural herb TEA from local plants will be served at the conclusion of the walk from 4-5 PM.  Bring healthy snacks to share if you like. This will be an hour for Q and  A and further conversation.  


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